Springtime at Rio Colorado Cabins

Unwind & unplug as nature reawakens!

Spring is a great time to unplug and relax in the quiet as our mountain town recovers from Ski Season. It is a time when we are waiting for the snow to melt and for the tree and flower buds to appear. It takes a bit longer for that to happen up here at our 8,750 ft. elevation. The weather cannot decide what it wants to do. It can be a beautiful bright, crisp spring day one day, and raining or snowing the next. Make sure to check your extended weather forecast before arrival.

Fishing in the streams is always in order this time of year. Once the ponds have melted, drop a hook. The fish are hungry from a long winter. Some hiking trails will be open this time of year, but you may still need snow shoes to access the higher elevations. Some of our OHV trails will be open, but our higher elevation meadows are closed every year until June 15 for elk calving.

Is Your Cabin Available?

Our cabins can fill up quickly.
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