Well it’s hard to believe that August is upon us. It has been an unusual summer for sure but still has been busy. We have been working hard to keep everything nice and clean and running smoothly for all our guests this summer. We have appreciated your understanding and patience during these crazy times. That being said, things have remained relatively the same in Red River. We still only have a handful of cases and all seem to be fully recovered so we are very thankful for that. Our town and businesses still seem to be busy and despite the restrictions on capacity are operating smoothly as well. I guess it just goes to show you can’t keep a good town down. Rather than complain and moan we have adjusted operations, increased outdoor dining, all while trying to keep Red River the same great experience our visitors have come to expect. We hope you have realized that as well.

Any town events or festivals for the summer and fall have been cancelled, so there is not much to report on that front. However, people seem to still be enjoying the fishing, the trails and other activities around town, and of course the cooler temperatures. We have stocked over 4,650 pounds of rainbow trout in our pond this year to date (that’s quite a few fish). You can keep up with our stocking report and all our great catches by following our Instagram and Facebook pages! So grab your pole and come up to see us, you never know when your catch might make our Wall of Fame!


Our oldest son Joshua is heading off to college this month at UNM in Albuquerque. He has been accepted into the Air Force ROTC program and will be pursuing a business degree to go along with that. We are very proud and excited for this next chapter of his life and of course will miss having him around. I know many of you have watched our children grow year after year and we greatly appreciate all the thoughts, congratulations and gifts you offered to Josh during this summer. It was extremely encouraging!

The flowers have been growing despite the deer munching on them from time to time. I finally broke down and put a fence around my newest flowerbed behind cabin 14. The flowers are doing much better now that the deer can’t get to them. I’m almost done with that one for this year. I have an idea of adding a small water fountain. We’ll see how that goes! Other than that there is not much to report at this time. We have enjoyed seeing you all again this summer and look forward to seeing more of our Rio Colorado friends and family over the next few months. Take care, stay safe and healthy, and we will look forward to seeing you soon!




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