The mornings are getting crisper and days are getting shorter. There’s no doubt that summer season is coming to a close. That doesn’t stop our guests from arriving to enjoy the fall foliage, our Fall Festival and Oktoberfest which is coming up soon. Coming through the mountain this week, I saw just the ever-so-slight changing of the leaves on our butterfly on the mountain and a few trees that have already started teasing us with the most brilliantly colored yellow leaves. The way it looks, this could be an amazing year for the fall colors to really take people’s breaths. I love this time of year, but I really do not have a favorite because all of Red River’s seasons are my favorites!


7 Pound 22 inch Golden Trout Largest fish from our pond this year!

We have been very busy during the past summer months making new friends, reconnecting with old friends, and doing our best to make sure our guests have a pleasant stay. From the child’s first fish, to an adult’s first fish, to the big one that is as big as the boy that caught it (well, almost), to the 95-year-old guest that was spending time with his sons, to the ones who caught the small fish and were happy because as most of you know, those small ones are the most flavorful, the pond provided excitement for many of our guests. Look at the photos we shared on Facebook, I don’t think you will see an unhappy guest in any of those shots.




It was nice to see the town so busy with lots of visitors and people enjoying their time. It was a bitter sweet summer for us as well as we tried to fit in as much family time as we could before our youngest son, Zachary, headed out to college in mid-August at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas. Josh, our oldest son is back in Albuquerque so it’s been pretty quiet lately around the house especially in the evenings. I’ll share some more of our adventures with you in future posts.


As mentioned earlier, Oktoberfest will be our last big event in town for the season, but it will be a great one to be sure! It’s our last big hoorah before the cold starts tickling the mountain tops with snow flurries and storms. We actually had a light dusting of snow last night on the tops of the mountains. It’s always interesting seeing that line of white as it inches closer to town.


Our wildlife is already planning for the winter. Deer are beginning to get their winter coats, almost all of our hummingbirds have left, chipmunks are collecting food, and the bears are starting the search for food to put on the much-needed weight to get them through the hibernation period. Please stay aware of this as you go about your business in Red River.




We are happy to try to help you find the perfect time for a stay with us. As Mr. Muir stated, “The mountains are calling and I must go,” Our mountains are calling and you should plan to join us soon. Give us a call and let’s see if we can work together for a time that would permit you lots of rest and relaxation. We hope to see you soon! (This post written mostly by Marla!)

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